Where are Arabia's products manufactured?
Arabia’s products are manufactured at carefully selected, long term partnership contract manufacturers, mainly in Thailand and Romania. Information on manufacturing country can be seen in the product package or in the EAN-code sticker. You can also ask for this in the shop or contact our Consumer Service tel. +35820334101, Mon-Fri 10 - 15, or send an email to consumer.info@fiskars.com.

Are Arabia’s products oven-proof?
Arabia’s oven dishes can be used to prepare food in the oven. Note, however, that the bottom of the dish has to be completely covered (by produce or liquid). The temperature must not exceed 250 degrees celcius and the distance from the heating element must be at least 10 cm. Arabia’s dishes should not be put in the freezer without cooling, and also not directly from the freezer to a hot oven. Allow the dish to adjust to the temperature changes to prevent cracking.

Where can I find information about Teema-series?
Already for several years Teema-series has been a product of Iittala. You can find more information on Iittala's website here.

Where to get replenishment pieces of old Arabian series?
When a single piece or a series of product is discontinued, it can still be found in our retailers as long as the product is in their stock. The longest availability of discontinued products is usually at our own outlet stores. The products can also be found on antique shops, flea markets, auctions and second-hand shops.

Can the older Arabia dishes be washed in the dishwasher?
Dishwashers became more widely available in the 1970-80’s. Before this dishes were not specifically made to be dishwasher safe. Older material is likely to be suitable for dishwasher, but the decorations may fade, especially if the pattern is on top of the glaze. To ensure that the colors remain as vibrant as possible, we recommend washing older pieces by hand and with a mild detergent. Especially older pieces with gold decorations must be washed by hand.

How are Arabia and Fiskars related to each other?
Arabia-trademark is owned by Fiskars Group. Arabia as a company does not exist.

Where can I get a price estimate for old Arabia products?
Price estimates can be obtained from antiques shops, etc. Fiskars nor the Design Museum Arabia cannot give price estimates.

How do I know whether a product is still in production?
On the Arabia website you can find the current selection including the various color options. We also list discontinuations under “Discontinued products”

How can I find out the name or designer of an older series?
We do not have identification services at Fiskars. The Design Museum Arabia has an extensive collection of items at display, including artefacts. Visit the Iittala and Arabia Design Centre and Design Museum Arabia in Helsinki, Hämeentie 135 A (9th floor), tel: +358 (0)204 39 5353. The museum is open Tue 12 - 18, Wed 12 - 20, Thu-Fri 12 - 18, Sat-Sun 10 -16.

What is Arabia’s best selling coffee cup?
Coffee cups from the Ruska series are the most sold coffee cups (no longer in production). From the current Arabia selection Arctica is the best selling coffee cup.

Can I wash gold-plated tableware in the dishwasher?
In general, the gold used is decorative, shiny gold, and it is not machine washable, e.g. the Myrna series. Arabia Gold Arctica tableware, was made using a more durable matte gold which can be washed in the dishwasher. Please observe the markings on the dishes.

Can I redecorate or refire my Arabia dishes?
Basically, yes. By redecorating or refiring a product you change the product and we can no longer guarantee the quality for manufacturing defects.

Is there a catalogue of old Arabia products?
We have an extensive archive of old price lists and product catalogs. They are available via the Design Museum Arabia. Many antiques and Art Book resellers sell books and catalogues also online (e.g. www.antiikkijakirjat.com). A comprehensive list of old products has yet to be compiled, as Arabia has produced thousands of products. A complete list would be difficult to compile as complete records were not maintained in the early years.

Moomin at Arabia / Frequently asked questions: You can find more information under About Moomin. On the below link you can find a list of Moomin mugs produced under since 1991.

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Esteri – new series with Arabia’s beloved pattern.

Esteri – new series with Arabia’s beloved pattern. >>


Esteri – new series with Arabia’s beloved pattern.

Esteri – new series with Arabia’s beloved pattern. >>